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Happy New Year!!!

To all our customers, near and far, we are so thankful for you.


We at Elm Street Books are so grateful this year for all of you who chose to "shop local" in all the ways we were able to provide. Whether it was in town waiting in line to go into the store (how orderly you were), ordering on the phone or through our website, using our book cart for curbside pick up, it was such blessing to us at the store to feel so supported in this weird and interminable time.

We love to offfer customer service to everyone who walks in the door on two legs or on four. We thought about keeping count of the four-legged people but quickly realized we couldn't even keep up by counting the dog biscuits we give out to our canine readers.

We realize we are very lucky to have such loyal customers who choose us over all the other places who offer books and gifts. It's so nice to actually talk to a person who stops in or calls and what we think and most importantly what you think about when you choose to spend your time reading as we do. There are so many good choices and this year a bit more time to devote to reading.

We all hope the vaccine will mean an end to what we have been going through for everyone and that we can soon speak directly to one another instead of through masks and  multiple plexiglass sheets hanging from the ceiling. Until then, we look forward to greeting you Monday through Saturday, 9:30 to 5:30 and Sunday's 12:00 to 5:00.

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