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Kinky Sex: The Secret to Long-term Desire (Paperback)

Kinky Sex: The Secret to Long-term Desire Cover Image
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As featured in ELLE MAGAZINE

"Will whet your appetite and leave you wanting more." -- COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE

"A daring, sizzling and astonishingly practical antidote to Not tonight, Dear"-- SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Do you wonder where the passion's gone? Yearn to spice things up, but feel unsure where to start? Sense you're missing out, but feel powerless to change things?

Boring, routine sex is a common cause of cheating and divorce.

But the truth is there's a simple, step-by-step system you can use to flip the secret 'Desire Switch' in almost any relationship.

'Kinky Sex - the Secret to Long-term Desire' reveals easy, powerful techniques that have been proven to work again and again (no matter how long you've been together). In this sizzling how-to guide, author Jessica Howe shows you how to satisfy your desire for novelty within your relationship... so neither of you go searching for it elsewhere.

Get your relationship questions answered

Here are just a FEW of the valuable secrets you'll discover in this astonishing guide...

  • Why is being a 'good' girl or guy the kiss of death for your sex life?
  • What are the top six Passion Assassins - and how do you conquer them?
  • How can you tease and please your lover to a super-intense orgasm?
  • What can you do to spice up sex - without risking rejection?
  • How can you attract a sexually compatible lover?
  • How can you turn your lover on with dirty talk - without looking silly?
  • The Art of Dominating: what should you do... and not do?
  • How do you safely indulge in tie-and-tease, spanking and 'sensation play'?
  • What is the one technique that makes sex hotter every time?

This book has nothing but the powerful, no-nonsense techniques you need to increase your sexual chemistry - and unleash an intense magnetism that keeps the passion burning.

Every page is packed with tips, sex and relationship advice for men and women, real-life examples, sex toy ideas and steamy stories. In fact the sex stories are so hot, and so explicit, they can't be mentioned here Click the cover above to see the table of contents.

Whether you're carefree and single or married with children, 'Kinky Sex - the Secret to Long-term Desire' shows you how to reach unlimited heights of pleasure and connection.

The best sex of your life is just a click away...

Here's what readers are saying:

"Wow - I never knew I was kinky till I read this book It shows you step by step how to do pretty much any fun, kinky thing you could imagine. I love the dirty talk examples - and the sex stories are HOT "

"When my girlfriend and I broke up, I began to believe it's impossible to remain faithful to someone because the sex just gets boring. This book changed my mind. It's the best argument for monogamy I've ever found."

"My relationship ran into problems and I had questions, so I ended up buying all these sex and relationship books. What can I say? This blew the others out of the water. The 'Discover Your Secret Sexual Personality' tool was worth the price of the book alone."

Ready to inject passion, playfulness and pleasure into your sex life?

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Product Details
ISBN: 9780977552412
ISBN-10: 0977552411
Publisher: Love & Cherish
Publication Date: December 17th, 2013
Pages: 258
Language: English