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Girls Night Out: GNO (Paperback)

Girls Night Out: GNO By Jennifer Segalla Cover Image
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Girls Night Out, gives a bird's eye view of three women's realities. Three friends, who have a strong zest for life and an equally strong pursuit for happiness. After a week, of dealing with their daily routines and a few curve balls, they decide to reward themselves with a night out. A night filled with venting, imbibing, people watching and laughing. Little did they know, all the stars were aligned, and the evening would turn serendipitous, changing their lives forever. They are left to discover a new way of survival, what really makes them happy and how balance will become paramount.

Every day is a new beginning. We need to stop, exhale and look at what's in front of us. Live your own reality and accept it. It's really important. Find yourself, know yourself, believe in yourself. No one else will if you don't. This is my story. Everyone has one. Each of our blessings show up differently.

About the Author

Jennifer Segalla, was born and raised in Westchester County. The oldest of four children, whose parents divorced when she was eleven years old. The struggles she and her siblings endured thereafter, instilled some kind of awareness which made her take control of her life. This determined her plight and she put her best efforts forward to find relief from a difficult situation. Jennifer has evolved as much through her failures and she has from her successes.

Jennifer, is a real estate agent and resides in Brooklyn NY with her husband and three daughters.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781667824758
ISBN-10: 1667824759
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: GNO